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There is no better way to pass the ABA exam than surrounded by continuous support while utilizing the science of ABA to Tackle the Task List®.

With Rogue ABA, you are more than just a number!

The Rogue ABA signature course!  Join your small ABA study group and get access to exclusive content that you can’t get anywhere else. Let us help you Tackle the Task List®!

We specialize in breaking down concepts to help you identify critical features in scenarios.  With this identification, picking between answers on the exam will become easier!

NEW Continuous Exam Prep for Continuous Testing

We are so proud of our Rogue ABA family! Our students once again far outperform the international BCBA exam average. We’ve done an analysis and our multiple-time ABA test takers perform at almost 3x the average in terms of pass rate. Our first-time ABA test taker pass rate is 20% higher. One thing our analysis shows is that if you’re not going to actually do the work, save your money. We are not magic, we just created a great system for you to work through to success. 👊

Ready to Tackle the Task List®?

Start when you want – once you sign up; you can join the first course that week (select the available day/time) that fits your schedule and start that very week! [no more waiting for “cycles” and “start dates”]

Support that meets your needs

aba exam test prep

Instructional Design

Research-Informed practice that is designed to fit your needs as a learner. A variety of different instructional tools are used to engage you in learning no matter where you are in your studies!

aba exam test prep

Why Rogue?

Because at Rogue ABA, you’re more than just a number! We care about your ABA study journey and will help you through the entire BCBA test cycle and beyond!

aba exam test prep

Targeted Support

Through data analysis, we’ll help you hone in on what areas you may need extra help on. Our mock exam gives you specific feedback for your strong and weak areas of the Task List.

Two Live Study Options

5-weeks of small ABA study group interactive sessions designed specifically to walk you through the Task List.

Individual workshops that are designed for those wanting more than concept review of the Task List.

You can customize your study plan and include any of the above Classes or Workshops

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Free Zoom Sessions

Come to a FREE 30-minute Zoom session run by our Rogue ABA Admin. Topics vary and are scheduled around the Admins availability. Sessions are only recorded for Rogue Rewind and not for distribution.

Can’t make it to the live sessions?  Join our Rogue Rewind and get access to our FREE zooms for a period of time after they are held live!

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