Why rogue?

We specialize in breaking down concepts to help you identify critical features in scenarios.  With this identification, picking between answers on the exam will become easier!

Now Offering: Continuous Dates for Continuous Testing

Small Groups

18 member maximum for each class. We respect the need for small groups. There can always be less than 18 but no more!

Live Classes

Class meets for 2.5 hours a week for 5 weeks of small group content (12.5 total hours of live class content)

Concept Videos

Exclusive videos reviewing the  BACB© 4th Edition Task List (5+ total hours) with videos always being added

Data Driven

 Instructional decisions made based on course member data. Course instructors look at individual student data and provide feedback and assistance based on data that our system provides.

Start When You Want

Select the available day/time that fits your schedule and start that very week! [no more waiting for “cycles”]

Course Workbook

Rogue course exclusive: 120+ page workbook to pair with all your Rogue studying. Includes practice questions, concept breakdowns and grids, and places for you to take notes during class.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated support throughout your course which gives you email access to your instructor to receive guidance on those extra questions.

Mobile Friendly Studying

Studying activities should be on-demand, and Rogue is! Just download the app and you have access to be able to study anywhere you want!

Rogue Audio Download

9+ hours of audio content that follows the entire Task List. Get FREE access during your selected 5-weeks.

Rogue Mock Exam

160 question Rogue mock exam FREE with course ($65 value). Used initially as baseline assessment and then taken again after your course to check your progress! Second attempt provides feedback on questions missed.

Lifetime Discount

Get access to a 15% off code to use throughout your entire study journey. *Excludes tutoring


One free pass to a Task List Tune-up hosted by Allie Olmstead, offered twice per month. You can submit your questions and polish those tricky concepts before you test.

What Does Our Data Say?

May 2018 Course Results

BCBA pass rates

February 2019 Course Results

August 2019 Tackle the Task List ® Course Results

We are so proud of our Rogue family! Our students once again far outperform the international exam average. We’ve done an analysis and our multiple-time ABA test takers perform at almost 3x the average in terms of pass rate. Our first-time ABA test taker pass rate is 20% higher. One thing our analysis shows is that if you’re not going to actually do the work, save your money. We are not magic, we just created a great system for you to work through to success. 👊

Mobile Learning Management System to Study On The Go

Course Exclusive

Tackle the Task List ® Workbook

The course workbook is 140+ pages and is a great tool for you to use throughout your course experience! 

Activities and concept grids are made for you to pair with our videos and live courses.  This workbook pairs perfectly with the Task List.

What Sets Rogue Apart?

How Using The science of aba sets us apart from other exam prep companies

Continuous Dates for Continuous Testing

5-Week Days and Times Offered

Start when you want – once you sign up; you can join the first course that week (select the available day/time that fits your schedule) and start that very week! [no more waiting for “cycles” and “start dates”]


8:30-11:00pm EST


8:00-10:30pm EST


10:00-12:30pm EST

Looking for Organizational or Educational Institution Group Discounts?

Contact us to inquire about special pricing.

What Do Course Members Say About Rogue ABA?

"Remember if the student didn't learn, the teacher didn't teach"
Michael Maloney